The Pepperwood weather station consists of a solar powered remote data acquisition system and a number of sensors to measure environmental parameters. The data logger scans the sensors every 10 seconds and calculates the weather variables for storage. Every fifteen minutes the stored data is transmitted via 900 Mhz spread spectrum radio to a remote computer for broadcast to the internet.

In addition to the atmospheric weather data, the station is also recording soil moisture parameters at four different depths ranging from 15 to 100 cm. Soil moisture is measured in two ways, volumetricly and total water potential, so there are a total of eight soil moisture probes. This data is not currently being broadcast to the web.

The camera images are made by a Panasonic BL-C140 network camera. The camera interfaces directly with the internet and sends fresh images every five minutes.


Lat 38.57068°N Long -122.69375W
elevation: 1220'



Item Model
Datalogger Campbell Scientific CR3000
TDR Probe(s) CS615
HDP Probes(s) CS229L
Solar Radiation sensor LI200S
Temp/Hum sensor HMP-45C
Radiation shield 41003-5 (for HMP45)
Tipping bucket TE525-L
Wind Speed sensor 014A
Wind Direction sensor 024A
Tripod TE25
12v Power Supply w/charging regulator PS100-SW
10W Solar Panel SP10
Enclosure ENC14/16 DC-MM
900 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio RF-401-ST
Antenna 14204
Base Station Radio w/USB interface RF-430-ST
Weather Cam BL-C140



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